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Large glass bell - Origami diamond light garland - Anise

Large glass bell - Origami diamond light garland - Anise

大きなガラスの鐘 - アニスライトガーランド

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Beneath this glass bell is a pretty garland of diamonds in shades of pale green/gray/sage. Each of the diamonds is made by hand using the traditional origami technique.

Copper light garland (warm toned lighting) of 20 LEDs, battery operated and turned on using a small switch (battery included in the product).

Ideal for decorating a bedroom or living room!

Please note : the glass bell is not glued to the wooden support. Be careful when opening the package not to drop the glass bell jar as this could cause it to break.


Glass bell, natural wood stand, origami paper, copper LED garland


Diameter: 10cm
Height: 20cm

  • Handcrafted in Lyon
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