And behind “January Ten”?

I will speak here in the first person singular...

Above all, I welcome you to my world full of sweetness and poetry, thank you for coming this far!

I'm going to introduce myself a little and tell you who I am, since that's also what explains what I create for you .

I'm Estelle, I'm from the South-East of France and I now live in the beautiful city of Lyon .

My first professional life consisted of a completely different job since I was an urban planner. And then, I decided to let my two passions mix to create the Ten January brand: Japan and handmade products . So I left my job and created my business in 2019, with the aim of making my passion my profession.
Today, you can find my creations on my online store, but not only that. I also participate in several designer markets in the Lyon region and my products are present in several boutiques in France, Europe and the United States.

My goal now is to continue to evolve my collections to meet your desires.

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Why “ January Tenth ”?

In Japan, every January 10, the land of the rising sun celebrates the god Ebisu , a well-attended and popular ceremony which honors this Japanese god of prosperity, good fortune and luck. He is considered the god who protects the country's small traders and artisans . I found this symbolism very pretty and in line with the values ​​that I wish to introduce to you, through my creations.

You can discover even more about this tradition in my blog where I have devoted a more detailed article to it.

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So I let you explore my world and my different creations, hoping that you take as much pleasure in discovering them as I take in making them.

Nice visit to you!

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