Artisanal creations using ancestral Japanese materials and techniques

Discover the beauty of Washi Chiyogami paper, handcrafted in Japan , in the Kyoto region. It is from this material that we make our creations by hand in our workshop in Lyon: origami decorative objects and origami earrings , but also accessories in Japanese binding .

Washi Chiyogami paper as raw material

On the manufacturing side, each of the creations is made by hand in Lyon , in small series, using a high-end material: “Washi Chiyogami” paper. It is handcrafted in Japan and has been listed since 2014 as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Discover Washi paper

Origami and Japanese bookbinding workshops in Lyon

We offer the organization of several creative workshops for individuals and businesses !
It is also possible to organize origami and Japanese bookbinding workshops in Lyon for larger events: birthdays, baptisms, weddings, etc.

Creative workshops
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