Quelques idées DIY créatives, faciles et rapides à réaliser en origami - Tuto origami

Some creative DIY ideas, easy and quick to make in origami - Tuto origami

Origami is a fascinating art form that involves folding paper to create three-dimensional shapes and objects . It's not only a fun and relaxing activity, but it can also be a great opportunity to boost your creativity and make beautiful decorative items.

Suitable for both children and adults , this easy manual activity that is origami will allow you to spend beautiful moments of creativity. In this article, we will present you some creative DIY ideas as well as origami tutorials, easy and quick to make origami: 

1 - Easy origami or Japanese paper earrings

easy origami earrings tutorial

You'll love learning how to fold Japanese paper to create different shapes. But you'll love making them useful and usable even more . And origami earrings are a " must have " once you start practicing this technique a bit.

In easy origami earrings, you can vary the shapes: animals, heart, star... But in this tutorial we present another shape: origami cube earrings . A creation of Pauline from the site " On the branch of a cherry tree ". Check out the tutorial right HERE .

Also discover our models of earrings in origami and Japanese Washi paper:

Discover the earrings

2 - An origami light garland

Origami light garland workshop in Lyon

Whether for the end of year celebrations or for the whole year , learn how to make a pretty luminous origami garland (or even non-luminous ones). It will always look great on a piece of furniture in your living room or hung on the wall above your headboard.

However, if you want to learn how to make a pretty origami light garland yourself , to put under a glass bell for example, know that this is one of the many workshops that we offer in origami and bookbinding. Find all our origami workshops, including this one:

Discover the origami workshops

3 - An origami "masu" box

easy origami box tutorial

Traditional origami boxes, also called " masu " boxes in Japan,
are practical and decorative objects that you can use to store your jewelry, sweets or other small objects. There are many designs of origami boxes, ranging from simple boxes to more complex boxes with lids and compartments.

Here we show you the tutorial to start by creating a simple origami box , with its extra lid if you wish, the tutorial right HERE . A creation proposed in video by the site Wikihow.

4 - Origami animals

easy origami animal tutorial kit

Origami animals are a very good activity for children especially who love to recognize, reproduce and create them. Hundreds of folding models exist and almost all animals are achievable in origami, but it is better to start with a few basics to learn and then diversify.

We also offer several kits for children (or adults!) to learn how to make different origami animals, around themes: the savannah, the farm, sea animals... Everything is present in these kits : explanations of folding in images and texts, the necessary patterned papers and even the little self-adhesive eyes to finish off the creations in style.

Discover origami animal kits

5 - A Japanese Washi Chiyogami paper chopstick case

easy tutorial origami wand case

Here is a very original idea to gently color your table . It's a quick, enjoyable and very easy activity to impress your guests!

Are you planning a sushi or Asian cuisine evening? Are you looking for an original decorative touch? Do not hesitate any longer, this idea is for you. When folding, you only need two sheets of origami paper ( if possible "Washi Chiyogami" , high quality Japanese paper to guarantee the durability and durability of your cases) and a tube of glue.
Here is the video tutorial explained just HERE . A creation of Sarah Vasseghi.

We ourselves offer Japanese "Washi Chiyogami" paper kits in different colors and which combine patterns and plains. They will be perfect for this creation here:

Discover Washi Chiyogami papers

6 - An origami crane place card

origami place card folding tutorial

Always in the idea of ​​your meals in small or large committee and there again with the aim of impressing your guests ! Here is a great idea to color your table , putting a little order of course, since it is the creation of your place cards.

A creative and easy idea to make. You can use one color per place card to clearly distinguish each of your guests and they will be happy to leave with it, as a little gift ! What better ?
So find the folding video tutorial just HERE . A creation by Annette Sonsino.

Here again, if you wish, our Japanese Washi Chiyogami paper kits will be perfect for this activity, with the color gradient they offer!

I discover the paper kits

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