La Petite Fabrique d'Estelle devient Dix janvier

"La Petite Fabrique d'Estelle" becomes "January 10"

The beginnings of my business, under the name of La Petite Fabrique d'Estelle

In May 2019 , I decided to create my business so that I could show you my origami creations: jewelry, garlands, baby mobiles ...

At the time, my activity was planned to remain small-scale and rather “confidential”. But over time, and despite the tough COVID period I was going through, I realized that my creations were really popular . My products were sold in France and abroad , my business was really growing.

The name “La Petite Fabrique d’Estelle” that I had created at the time without much thought was no longer in keeping with the collections and the universe that I was offering.

Four years later, in May 2023 , I decided to change my brand name and now call myself: “ Ten January ”.

Discover the creations of Dix Janvier

But then why Ten January? Why this date?

In Japan, every January 10, the land of the rising sun celebrates the god Ebisu , a widely followed and popular ceremony that honors this Japanese god of prosperity, good fortune and luck. He is considered the god who protects small traders and craftsmen in the country . I found this symbolism very pretty and in line with the values ​​that I want you to discover, through my creations.

How is the festival of the god Ebisu?

The holiday begins with a ceremony at Ebisu Shrine , where people pray for good fortune and economic success. Traditional rituals are performed , such as the presentation of fish and seafood to Ebisu, as well as folk dances.

During the festival, the streets are decorated with banners and lanterns, and food and drink stalls are set up for visitors. People wear traditional outfits and participate in games and competitions to win prizes.

Ebisu Festival is an important occasion for Japanese people to come together and celebrate their culture and heritage .

Why is it important to think carefully about your brand name?

Finding a brand name is a crucial step in building a business . This is the first element that customers will discover, and this is why it is important to choose a name that faithfully reflects the values ​​and universe of the brand. This is what I didn't think enough about when choosing the name "La Petite Fabrique d'Estelle".

A well-chosen name can reinforce its brand identity and establish a relationship of trust with its customers . It can also help differentiate the business from competitors and make it more "memorable".

It is therefore important to take the time to think carefully about the brand name and to ensure that it represents the image you wish to reflect , to remain true to yourself. It was following this long journey and this period of reflection that I was able to move with complete peace of mind from the name “La Petite Fabrique d’Estelle” to “Dix January”.

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