Idée déco - La beauté des lampes japonaises fabriquées à la main

Decoration idea - The beauty of handcrafted Japanese lamps

Brighten up your interior with pretty handcrafted table lamps, made of Japanese Washi Chiyogami paper

Japanese lamps are a fantastic way to bring a warm ambiance to your "home". Handmade with Japanese Washi Chiyogami paper, they will be a truly unique and designer object. Prepare to be inspired by the beauty and elegance of these luminous creations!

I discovered Japanese lamps

Lamps made with traditional Japanese paper "Washi Chiyogami"

Washi Chiyogami paper is an exceptional material used for centuries in the art of stationery and decorative arts in Japan. Made from mulberry fibers , this traditional paper is distinguished by its unique texture, lightness and durability. What makes Chiyogami Washi so special are the intricate and colorful designs that are hand-printed (screen printing technique) onto its sheets. The patterns often represent floral, geometric worlds or scenes from Japanese daily life .

Washi Chiyogami paper making is an artisanal process that has been passed down in Japan from generation to generation . It begins by harvesting mulberry fibers, which are then cooked, cleaned and beaten to obtain paper pulp. This paste is then spread on thin bamboo racks, dried in the open air and pressed to eliminate excess water. Once the paper is dry, artisans skillfully apply the designs using carved wooden blocks or stencils. Each step of the process is carried out by hand with great attention to detail, which gives Washi Chiyogami paper its beauty and quality .

A table lamp with multiple uses

These handcrafted floor lamps are as beautiful off as they are on . In fact, they even let the patterns appear in different ways depending on how they are used. Lights will be slightly darker and darks lighter once the lamp is turned on.

On the practical side, it can be used as a bedside lamp to place on the coffee table for evening reading. But they can also serve as a designer decorative object for living rooms , to place on a piece of furniture or on the fireplace. The delicate patterns and vibrant colors of Chiyogami paper are beautifully revealed when light diffuses through the paper, creating a warm and calming ambiance.

Unique and varied designs for all tastes

Washi Chiyogami paper lamps offer a multitude of designs to suit all tastes and interiors . Whether you prefer delicate floral designs, modern geometrics, or traditional scenes, you're sure to find a lamp that matches your style.

The beauty of the product also comes from the fact that it can be customizable , to best suit your home. Indeed, given the multitude of existing patterns, it is possible to choose your own paper and color to make your unique piece, on demand . Whether you are looking to illuminate your living room, bedroom or even work space, Chiyogami paper lamps will always add an artistic and authentic touch to your interior decor.

A sustainable and environmentally friendly product

In addition to their visual beauty, Washi Chiyogami paper lamps are also environmentally friendly. Washi paper is made from natural, renewable fibers, making it a sustainable choice over synthetic materials. In addition, handcrafted lamps are designed to last over time.

Finally, about us, we make all our lamps by hand , in France, from A to Z. Apart from the paper which is printed in Japan, everything is French .
The white metal structure is designed by a specialized French company located in Nièvre. The lampshade as well as the assembly of the lamp are made by us, in our Lyon workshop.

Whether for your interior or as a gift, Japanese handcrafted lamps will always be a very good choice !

I discovered Japanese lamps

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