Idées cadeaux "Fête des mères" - Des créations originales et artisanales en origami

“Mother’s Day” gift ideas – Original and artisanal origami creations

Every year, at the dawn of May, a special occasion arises to celebrate those who illuminate our lives with their unconditional love, their unwavering support and their reassuring presence: our dear mothers .

Mother's Day is more than just a date on the calendar, it's a precious opportunity to show our mothers how much they mean to us. So why not opt ​​for an original and unique gift this year ? Forget banal gifts and turn to an artisanal creation, where originality, personality and emotional value intertwine to create a unique attention.

A sweet bouquet of origami paper flowers

Like a gift that captures delicacy, giving a bouquet of origami flowers for Mother's Day is an idea that is sure to touch her. Each flower carefully folded by hand , with French or Japanese paper, will never fade . With several colors available of origami flower bouquets, you have the opportunity to offer a gift full of emotion, perfect to express your love on this special day.

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A cute pair of origami earrings

Giving a pair of origami earrings for Mother's Day is an elegant and touching way to celebrate the timeless beauty of our mothers . Every delicate fold and pattern of paper makes this a unique gift. Our origami earrings are made entirely by hand with Japanese paper (printed and screen-printed in the Kyoto region). All our frames are lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium-free brass. A pair of origami earrings is a sweet touch that will allow your mother to have lovely memories of this day as soon as she wears them .

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A handcrafted Japanese lamp

In addition to being a beautiful decorative object, our Japanese lamps offer a beautiful atmosphere once lit in the evening, for your mother.

Inspired by Japanese tradition, the paper lamp is a symbol of softness and warmth . This handcrafted lamp is 100% manufactured and assembled by hand in our workshops. The iron structure is made by a small family business in Nièvre, France. The Japanese paper forming the lampshade is printed and screen-printed in the pure tradition, near Kyoto, Japan. For all those moms who love decoration or are big readers, this gift will be ideal!

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A handmade notebook made from Japanese paper

For creative moms, who like to draw, write or simply take notes , a handmade notebook made from Japanese paper is the perfect gift! Each page of our notebooks is bound by hand using the traditional Japanese binding technique: solid and aesthetic .

Its artisanal making makes it a unique gift. You can choose from a multitude of Japanese paper covers, with patterns each more soft and colorful than the last. Giving a notebook is a nice way to continue writing your story while leaving a mark.

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A decorative origami bell

The precision and softness of origami folding takes on its full dimension, highlighted under a pretty glass bell. Whether for the raw purity of origami folding or to create a luminous decorative object, this attention will necessarily be a good idea for Mother's Day .

Discover our collection of small and large decorative origami bells and find the perfect one for your mom!

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